Welcome, friends!

First things first, if you're here to shop, the joy series have some beautiful pieces ready to go (you won't need to wait for me to make them for you)....

They are limited in quantity, so you may want to head there now before reading. Don't worry, I'll wait. :)

I am so glad you're here for the launch of Diana Salgado design. I won't take up too much of your time here, but I will touch on a few things, and then I encourage you to explore the rest of the site. You'll notice that not all my pieces are listed. This is intentional; I wanted to let you in as I continue fleshing out this new home. Keep an eye on the site and mailing list as I work on adding content.

I'd like to introduce you to our mission. It is...

To create objects that brings you joy, that helps the multiple characters that inhabit you shine and express themselves, we want to make the ritual of getting accessorized delightful and fun.

To encourage you to indulge in the sensory magic of hand crafted designs: colours that spark a feeling of joy and speak to your heart, materials that treat your body with delicious kindness, textures that revives on you that playful feeling from childhood, pieces that truly connect to your personal rituals.

To provide you the opportunity to engage with the art of how jewelery is made. Crafted responsibly here in Berlin, I prioritize and celebrate the joy of bringign a design to life from scratch.

Your body is a source of pride and your most powerful tool of expression. When you embrace all its fluid beauty and you feel in touch with what you use to ornament it, you are free to focus your energy on what brings you joy and matters most.

To read more about my guiding principles and process, click through to the About page and explore.

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