The @selfietetaproject community was formed in 2020 with a mission to inspire FLINTA* individuals to share their unique selves through a simple yet powerful exchange of boob/chest selfies. Through this initiative, the community celebrates the beauty and diversity of bodies from all over the world, co-creating stunning custom vector illustrations that challenge societal norms. This collective artwork is a symbol of unity, inclusivity, and the power of self-expression.


May 24, 2023 S.U.S.I Frauenzentrum, Berlin, Germany.

Curator: Sofia Quesada @sof.quesada
An exhibition in collaboration with @proyecto.nest by @karnekunst

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The creative process of "Cartografias de una cuerpo-mente mutante" took place during the second art clinic of Project Nest carried out in collaboration with Karne Kunst.

"I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, my case was never reported. Motherhood has allowed me to inhabit nudity from the most visceral point of view. To show skin, but not exactly of the body -to show skin from the gut, from the most absolute vulnerability- to touch and lick emotional wounds that were keloid and others that are still open. I was able for the first time in my life to get emotionally naked and begin to allow myself to heal (or whatever this is). "Cartographies of a mutant body-mind" is a heartfelt and intimate artwork. Menstrual aquarelles, menstrual shibori, a body journal, a moon calendar, three embroidery pieces, photography, cunt writing, a ritual and a book are the components of this work of art. This developement took 3 months of restorative sessions full of radical creativity where wounds were licked collectively".

Open Studio

June 10.2023. In @studio_nagelneu Berlin, Germany.

Curator: Sofia Quesada
In collaboration with:  @proyecto.nest  @sof.quesada  @karnekunst  @prinzessinnengarten_kollektiv

Open Studio

July 15.2023. In Projectraum Coswig, Germany. Invited artist.

"Nest, Mothering in Residence/Resistance" is an artistic residency designed explicitly for mother artists and their children.
In collaboration with:  @proyecto.nest  @karnekunst 

La Niña del Volcán


Parallel Maternal: A Multimedia Art Exhibition

January 19.2024. In @bardo_projektraum Berlin, Germany.

Curator: Sofia Quesada, Julieta Pestarino
In collaboration with:  

@proyecto.nest  @sof.quesada  @karnekunst