and for this to happen, there is a need for care, vulnerability, pleasure, surprise, fierce tenderness and softness. We understand the emotional commitment that must exist for creativity to flourish. Creating from conscience, thinking about the common good. Creativity allows us to dream, and only by dreaming can we imagine utopias, and this is our way to materialise a more tender world.

The design we believe in puts Pachamama (Mother Earth) at the centre. We believe in the importance of unlearning archaic and patriarchal forms of dealing with creativity. 

All of our projects and objects are created to spark your curiosity and help the many characters within you to shine and express themselves. We are inspired by FLINTA* personal rituals (especially those that happen in everyday life). We are proud to be craft witches, passionate about challenging societal norms.

Our aim is to encourage you to be dazzled by the sensual magic of a handmade piece, made slowly, with care and with eyes wide open: colours that speak to your heart, materials that don't come from the suffering of others, concepts that are tender revolutions, made right here in Berlin.

Design, Art and Craft | #editorialdesign #graphicdesign #artivism #craftivism #collaborativedesign #planetcentricdesign

Craftswomenship Lab Berlin

Nestled among cherry trees in Berlin, lies The Craftswomenship Lab - an antipatriarchal laboratory where radical creativity thrives to create objects that preserve real love stories, personal ritual pieces, (.)(.) illustrations and more. It's a place where infinite universes are patiently dreamed and crafted.

Here I conspire with others to materialise a more tender existence. This is a space to inspire and be inspired, to create and connect. Do you want to join this creative riot? join my newsletter or send me an email to info [at] dianasalgadodesign [dot] com.

Craftswomenship Lab Santagueda (Colombia)

Still a project in progress, a dream to materialise. In the time to come, I hope to facilitate gatherings for creatives in this magic space, surrounded by mango trees and accompanied by the melody of a nearby creek.