Craftswomenship Lab Berlin

Nestled among cherry trees in Berlin, lies The Craftswomenship Lab - an antipatriarchal laboratory where radical creativity thrives to create objects that preserve real love stories, personal ritual pieces, (.)(.) illustrations and more. It's a place where infinite universes are patiently dreamed and crafted.

Here I conspire with others to materialise a more tender existence. This is a space to inspire and be inspired, to create and connect. Do you want to join this creative riot? join my newsletter or send me an email to info [at] dianasalgadodesign [dot] com.

Craftswomenship Lab Santagueda (Colombia)

Still a project in progress, a dream to materialise. In the time to come, I hope to facilitate gatherings for creatives in this magic space, surrounded by mango trees and accompanied by the melody of a nearby creek.