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Selfie Teta Project

Earrings based on your own boob-selfies

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Let's free our boobs together! You are your own muse. Earrings or pendant inspired on your own boob-selfies. The most important thing is that you have fun at your own boob-selfie session, I will take care of the rest.

Here is how it works:

1. You are your own muse (that is very important for the project). Whit this on your mind, I suggest you to take a boob(s)/chest-selfie or as many as you want (without your face showing). It can be a selfie in profile, from the front/down, jumping, or however you feel more comfortable, remember, you are your own muse, this is your own boob selfie session. Your body, your rules. If you feel ready, send me the selfie(s) to the e-mail I will send to the e-mail you provide at the check out.

2. In return, I will send you an illustration (free of charge as for everyone who have taken part of the project) + a proposal with 2-3 options of earrings (depending on the boob-selfies you send). In the pictures on the left you can have a sneak peek on the Mellon’s boobs dangles design process. 

3. Once you make your mind, send me an e-mail with your earrings choice and whether you prefer them with hooks, posts or clips. 

4. After I receive your response it would take me from 7-10 weekdays to get the pieces ready to be shipped. IMPORTANT: Plated pieces take 4-5 days longer to be ready. Please be patient and you will get your reward!!

© 2022, Diana Salgado Yepes. All rights reserved.


· Structure: Argentium silver (935).

· Peyote stitch : delicas (Japanese glass by Miyuki) + Beading thread (100% nylon by Miyuki).

· Backings: Sterling silver (925).

Shipping & Returns

Our pieces are specially handmade for you, making them even more unique. Due to the bespoke nature of this process, it will take 7-10 weekdays to get the pieces ready to be shipped. Please be patient and you will get your reward!!


Weight (per piece): 1.15g aprox.

Dimensions: 19 x18mm

Care Instructions