Body Journal Workshop

Unleash your creativity by tapping into the magic of body journaling. Self-study is key to understanding your personal cycles and, more importantly, mastering the art of self-care. Get ready for an enchanting journey of self-discovery!


🌸 It is not an academic workshop.
🌸 It is a space for meeting and collective reflection.
🌸 There are no right or wrong answers.
🌸 We will have creative exercises during the session.

NEXT WORKSHOP 3.07.2024 (Berlin)

Moon Calendar Workshop

An art-filled calendar to help you sync with the cyclical rhythm of life. It's a self-reflection map, and an invitation to sync with the natural rhythms around you. The calendar aims to help you adopt a more cyclical way of living, resulting in more ease, balance, and natural cadence to your life.


When you start to align your life with the moon, you will notice a profound shift in how you relate to time. The lunar rhythm will help you step off the hamster wheel and will guide you into when you should be in “creation” mode and when it’s time for rest.

NEXT WORKSHOP 1.20.2024 (Berlin)